Windows 11 prep: How to convert MBR hard drive partitions to GPT

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For added security, Windows 11 volition forgo the older MBR partition strategy and usage GPT instead. That whitethorn necessitate users to person their older hard drives. Here is however to bash it.


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Current users of Windows 10 who program to update their operating systems to Windows 11 erstwhile it is released successful October 2021 volition archetypal person to conscionable respective non-negotiable and stringent prerequisites. For example, successful its effort to marque Windows PCs much secure, Microsoft is requiring idiosyncratic computers moving Windows 11 to besides usage the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface firmware installed connected the motherboards.

To entree the enhanced information features of UEFI, Windows 11 volition forgo the older Master Boot Record (MBR) partition strategy and alternatively usage the modern GUID Partition Table (GPT) scheme. If your Windows 10 machine is inactive utilizing MBR, it volition person to beryllium converted to GPT earlier you volition beryllium allowed to update it to Windows 11.

Note: For galore users with older computers, UEFI whitethorn not beryllium installed connected their motherboards astatine all, oregon if it is, the firmware whitethorn beryllium excessively aged to conscionable Microsoft's requirements. In either case, for those users, Windows 11 tin ne'er beryllium installed, astatine slightest not conventionally.

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How to person MBR hard thrust partitions to GPT

To find if you person UEFI connected your PC you volition person to entree the strategy bundle of your peculiar motherboard. Unfortunately, determination is nary specified happening arsenic modular motherboard strategy software; each shaper has its own. So, you volition person to fig retired however to entree your strategy connected your own. Generally, the method involves pressing a circumstantial cardinal portion the strategy is booting.

To find if a hard thrust is formatted utilizing MBR oregon UEFI, right-click the Start Menu fastener and prime Disk Management from the discourse list. On the Disk Management display, shown successful Figure A, right-click connected a hard thrust petition, prime Properties, and past prime the Volumes tab. The benignant of formatting volition beryllium revealed.

Figure A


Converting an MBR partition to a UEFI partition is accomplished with the assistance of a elemental inferior successful Windows 10 called MBR2GPT.exe, which is accessed from the administrative bid line. The important happening to enactment astir this inferior is that it volition marque the conversion without losing oregon overwriting immoderate of your existing data. The MBR2GPT.exe inferior requires Windows 10 mentation 1703 oregon better, truthful it whitethorn beryllium beneficial tally an update earlier moving the utility.

Editor's note: TechRepublic has covered the operation and the benefits of the MBR2GPT.exe utility before, but we consciousness it is important to item the instrumentality again due to the fact that it whitethorn play an important relation successful your mentation for the rotation retired of Windows 11.

When you are acceptable to marque the conversion, right-click the Start Menu fastener successful Windows 10 and prime the administrative bid enactment from the discourse menu. Your choices are either Windows PowerShell (Admin) oregon Command Prompt (Admin), depending connected however you person chosen your installation.

As a precaution, you should archetypal validate that a conversion from MBR to GPT is feasible by entering this bid astatine the prompt, arsenic shown successful Figure B. Note: Nothing volition beryllium changed with this command.

mbr2gpt.exe /validate /allowfullos

Figure B


My hard thrust is already GPT, truthful the validation failed, but you get the idea. If the inferior returns "MBR2GPT: Validation completed successfully," past you cognize you are acceptable for the superior command, which is:

mbr2gpt.exe /convert /allowfullos

Assuming the conversion is completed successfully, you volition person to reboot your computer, but erstwhile you bash you indispensable entree the motherboard strategy bundle to alteration the footwear partition mounting from MBR to UEFI earlier Windows 10 starts its booting process.

Assuming you person met each the different Microsoft prerequisites for Windows 11, your recently converted GPT mentation of Windows 10 should present beryllium acceptable for the October 2021 update to the adjacent generation.

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