When the U.S. Air Force CSO quit out of frustration, he offered this great IT and leadership advice

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Commentary: Despite seemingly overwhelming organizational inertia and dysfunction, the U.S. Air Force's main bundle serviceman figured retired however to succeed. Here are lessons from his resignation letter.


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And you thought your IT problems were bad. Nicolas Chaillan, the archetypal main bundle serviceman for the U.S. Air Force, had much than 100,000 bundle developers moving for him, delivered the largest unfastened root bundle merchandise successful U.S. Department of Defense history, enabled Kubernetes for weapons systems and more. 

But connected September 2, 2021, Chaillan quit, fed up with "hearing the close words without action." For anyone who has worked successful a ample organization, Chaillan's complaints volition dependable familiar. But helium besides gives clues connected however to flooded the bureaucratic ballast that seemed to person kept the U.S. Air Force from soaring.

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Oh, truthful galore problems

No substance wherever you work, there's nary shortage of things to kick about, right? I've worked astatine places wherever resourcing was scant (hard to get things done) oregon overly abundant (hard to prioritize), and I've done my stock of complaining astir it all. Chaillan's satellite wrong the U.S. Department of Defense offers familiar, if larger successful scale, problems to those galore of america confront. 

Take, for example, leadership. Many of america volition person had a akin ailment to this 1 Chaillan offered: "The Department of Defense, overall, needs to halt staffing Enterprise IT teams arsenic if IT is not a highly method accomplishment and expertise." He adds: "Please halt putting a Major oregon Lt Col. (despite their devotion, exceptional attitude, and culture) successful complaint of ICAM, Zero Trust oregon Cloud for 1 to 4 cardinal users erstwhile they person nary erstwhile acquisition successful that field." Ever had a brag without the requisite acquisition to marque dependable judgement calls? Of people you have.

(And person you ever complained that things would beryllium amended if lone you were fixed a promotion? Yes, you have. And truthful did Chaillan: "Yet with my 22 years of expertise moving IT innovation, I was underutilized and poorly leveraged by the DOD…".)

Or what astir feeling similar you're truthful burdened with basal nuts and bolts issues that you can't absorption connected bigger, much strategical jobs? Chaillan feels your pain, saying helium was "unempowered to hole basal IT issues" causing them to "run[] successful circles trying to hole transport/connectivity, cloud, endpoints, and assorted basal IT capabilities that are seen arsenic trivial for immoderate enactment extracurricular of the U.S. Government." Pretty overmuch each enactment gets bogged down successful the minutiae, which is wherefore we consciousness Chaillan's pain. We stock it.

Chaillan whitethorn person bully origin to complain, arsenic helium stated: "I americium conscionable bushed of continuously chasing enactment and wealth to bash my job." But this isn't peculiarly antithetic from what you oregon I whitethorn grumble astir successful our ain jobs. Chaillan's problems whitethorn person a bigger scale, but that they're not fundamentally antithetic from ours.

What is possibly different, and overmuch much absorbing than Chaillan's laments, is however helium and his squad delivered affirmative alteration contempt each these hurdles.

Moving truly large rocks uphill

One important happening Chaillan championed was the instauration of a managed work for deploying applications. Despite the unfortunate usage (and re-use) of DevSecOps, which simply means integrating information passim the bundle development/deployment lifecycle, this "DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Managed Service's" much approachable name–Platform One–gave teams determination to deploy codification with minimal obstacles. Given the U.S. government's well-earned estimation for bureaucracy, Platform One helped to accelerate a displacement to modern, unafraid improvement practices. 

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In different words, alternatively than bushed teams with the proverbial instrumentality ("you indispensable bash things this way"), Chaillan gave them a "carrot" to supply an inducement to bash things differently. Nor was this each that helium did.

"We created the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative, surely the largest DevSecOps engagement successful the world, wrong the astir analyzable enactment successful the world." How? "We demonstrated that a tiny radical of radical tin crook the largest vessel successful the satellite done grit, wit and hard work." In immoderate ways, this inaugural whitethorn person been aided by the military's top-down attack to solving problems. But it besides was made imaginable by encouraging teams "to commencement tiny and build...up their capabilities, progressively, striving for continuous process betterment astatine each of the 8 lifecycle phases," arsenic outlined successful the DevSecOps Fundamentals document.

In different words, the absorption (and encouragement) whitethorn person been coming from Chaillan/the top, plentifulness of country was afforded teams to larn astatine their ain pace. Every enactment tin larn from this approach. 

Among these and different suggestions, 1 of Chaillan's astir basic, and insightful, suggestions comes down to empathy. In a speech astatine an Air Force luncheon, helium said, "It has ever been important to usage the [Government Furnished Equipment] device, usage the mean network, consciousness the symptom that the Airmen consciousness erstwhile they usage those tools, due to the fact that if you're not feeling the pain, you're not going to hole it."

The champion spot to commencement fixing problems is by archetypal feeling them successful the aforesaid mode your users will. That's a large rule to usher you, whether you're the Chief Software Officer for the U.S. Air Force oregon idiosyncratic successful IT for a tiny business.

Disclosure: I enactment for MongoDB, but the views expressed herein are mine.

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