Unearthed time capsule reveals glimpse into past

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McDONOUGH — Surrounded by a assemblage of Henry County residents and officials, a clip capsule buried successful 1971 was unearthed Dec. 18.

The capsule was buried 50 years agone connected the McDonough Square successful solemnisation of the county’s 150th anniversary.

A fig of documents specified arsenic a newspaper, Bible, religion bulletin and a 1971 terms list, which boasted 89 cents for 3 loaves of bread, were included.

Coins, photographs, solid soda bottles, a slope paper and a instrumentality of Juicy Fruit gum were tucked distant for 2021 residents to find.

County spokesperson Nicholas Ivey said it was breathtaking to spot the capsule opened.

“It wasn’t sealed well, but galore of the items were inactive capable to beryllium read,” helium said.

Board of Commissioners Chair Carlotta Harrell said it was truly chill to instrumentality portion successful thing truthful historic.

“It was absorbing to spot everything and conscionable radical who were children erstwhile the capsule was buried,” Harrell said. “We had a large clip and it was a large time for our assemblage to travel together.”

While galore items were discovered, Harrell said respective radical successful attendance, including Mayor Billy Copeland, said they judge a 2nd capsule was buried.

“Mayor Copeland said items helium knew helium placed successful a capsule were not among those recovered connected Saturday,” Harrell said. “Another pistillate told maine the missive her parent wrote wasn’t successful the capsule either.”

County officials, Harrell said, volition statesman looking this week for a 2nd capsule thought to beryllium buried adjacent the 1 buried successful August 1971.

A bulk of the items recovered were h2o logged. Harrell said immoderate were not opened oregon unfurled for fearfulness of damage. Everything was placed successful a cooler for preservation purposes and volition yet beryllium connected show astatine the Polk Museum connected the Square.

County officials are present readying to hide a 2022 clip capsule. Harrell said the region has ordered an aerial choky capsule with the extremity of collecting items from metropolis and region residents successful January.

Harrell and Mayor Copeland were joined by Commissioner Vivian Thomas, Commissioner Johnny Wilson and Rep. Brian Strickland.

The clip capsule was buried connected Aug. 21, 1971 connected the McDonough Square adjacent the country of Macon Street and John Frank Ward Boulevard.

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