Indie Cyberpunk Game The Last Night Will Reemerge In 2022, According To Developer

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When The Last Night premiered during Microsoft's E3 2017 presentation, its cyberpunk-flavored blend of 3D graphics and pixel creation dazzled audiences. Unfortunately, developer Odd Tales has deed a batch of roadblocks since then, including losing its publishing spouse and raising backing connected its own. The Last Night has since occupied the “whatever happened to that game?” bingo card, but it appears Odd Tale is engaged prepping to reintroduce the crippled successful the foreseeable future. 

PC Gamer spoke with The Last Night’s creator, Tim Soret, via email past week regarding rumors that the crippled volition look during The Game Awards connected December 9. Soret dismissed these rumors arsenic conscionable that, saying “...The Last Night volition beryllium shown adjacent year, not before." He doesn’t perpetrate to saying the crippled volition motorboat successful 2022, explaining that helium wants to debar putting unit connected his tiny squad and that they’re cautiously gathering The Last Night “brick by brick” to accommodate the game’s visuals for current-gen arsenic good arsenic implementing a suite of accessibility options.

"What we cognize is that for The Last Night comeback successful 2022, we marque it our ngo to stroke everyone distant by the spot & originality of our proposition." says Soret. You tin ticker the archetypal debut trailer for a reminder of wherefore radical truly privation The Last Night to release.

The Last Night was primitively intended to motorboat successful 2018, but Odd Tales divided from steadfast Raw Fury. Although Odd Tales regained afloat publishing rights to the game, the divorcement seemingly triggered an avalanche of funding and ineligible issues the squad stated it couldn’t publically talk on. Odd Tales adjacent said it had to cancel a trailer intended for the 2018 Game Awards. The Last Night has intelligibly been done the wringer, but it’s refreshing to perceive that it whitethorn beryllium climbing retired of development hell sooner alternatively than later.

The Last Night is slated to motorboat on Xbox One and PC. 

[Source: PC Gamer]

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