Supercars boss rages at journos over 'polarising' issue

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By Emily Patterson, Zachary Gates

Supercars main enforcement Sean Seamer has revealed a telephone connected whether the class adopts paddle displacement for Gen3 volition beryllium made wrong a fortnight, earlier shutting down reporters successful a heated property conference.

Prototypes of the 2023 Gen3 cars were revealed successful Bathurst connected Friday, during the lead-up to Sunday's iconic Bathurst 1000 race.

However, Supercars is yet to determine whether the class volition follow the arguable paddles oregon proceed with the accepted instrumentality shift.

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Many drivers person claimed a power to a mechanical cogwheel alteration would erode astatine the constituent of accomplishment successful the sport, portion a communal outcry among fans is the nonaccomplishment of 'theatre' the instrumentality brings.

The 2023 prototypes of the Gen3 cars were revealed successful Bathurst connected Friday. (Getty)

"We've got to marque a telephone successful 2 weeks due to the fact that ... we've got to fastener down the specifications of the engines," Seamer said successful the property conference.

"Ultimately, it's a polarising subject. Whatever determination you marque you're not going to delight everybody, truthful we've got to halt trying to delight everybody (and) conscionable marque the telephone and determination on."

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It wasn't agelong earlier Seamer had snapped astatine the reporters.

"I deliberation it's beauteous disappointing that we're sitting present having a speech astir however we're changing gears successful these cars," Seamer said.

"Clearly radical are losing show of the wide package. You spell down determination and person a look astatine those cars and that's you privation to speech about.

Supercars main enforcement Sean Seamer wanted to speech astir the awesome cars connected display, not paddle shift, astatine the uncover of the 2023 Gen3 prototypes. (Getty)

"It's beauteous disappointing.

"We'll marque a call.

"Next question."

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When 1 newsman ignored Seamer's telephone to determination connected from the point, seeking further clarity from Triple Eight squad main Roland Dane, the Supercars CEO butted in.

"Enough, seriously," Seamer said.

"Can we speech astir however bully the cars are, marketplace relevance, however bully they're going to sound?"

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