The 5 Best Jackbox Games To Only Appear Once

4 weeks ago 16
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With the confirmation of Jackbox Party Pack 8’s merchandise date, we decided to instrumentality a fond look backmost astatine immoderate of our favourite games from erstwhile entries. However, we each cognize specified a database would rightfully devolve into a Quiplash/Drawful/Trivia Murder Party lovefest, truthful we’re focusing connected the champion games to lone look once. Besides highlighting immoderate amusive one-hit wonders, possibly this database volition entice the Jackbox team to revisit them successful aboriginal installments. If immoderate of these entries ever gets a “2” adjacent to them, you cognize who to thank. Instead of ranking these games from champion to slightest best, we're arranging them successful numerical bid of the Pack they appeared in.

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