Swery65's The Good Life Release Date Has Been Revealed

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Director Swery65 and his improvement workplace White Owls Inc. person yet acceptable a merchandise day for The Good Life, and it’s precise soon. PLAYISM, the game’s publisher, released a trailer this greeting (which you tin ticker above!) providing an overview of what The Good Life is astir and announcing the motorboat date.

You play arsenic Naomi Hayward, a lensman who has traveled from her location successful New York to a tiny English town, Rainy Woods, successful hunt of solving a enigma for a client. Rainy Woods is known arsenic the “happiest municipality successful the world,” but the municipality and its residents person a concealed Naomi soon becomes wrapped up in; erstwhile the prima goes down, everyone turns into dogs and cats! During your clip successful the town, you’ll drawback photos, analyse oddities, and instrumentality unusual jobs from the townsfolk to gain an other subordinate arsenic you unravel what and who is down the happenings successful Rainy Woods.

The Good Life has been successful accumulation for rather a while, having had a palmy Kickstarter run successful 2019. Swery65, different known arsenic Hidetaka Suehiro, and his squad astatine White Owls Inc. person antecedently released Deadly Premonition 2 and The Missing successful caller years, though Swery65’s gameography goes heavy into the erstwhile console generations, including D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Spyfiction, Extinction, and Tomba 2.

While its presumption was up successful the aerial for a while, it’s bully to person a definitive merchandise day for The Good Life connected October 15. It volition beryllium releasing connected PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Are you funny successful snapping photos of this agrarian English municipality oregon spending nights arsenic a pup oregon cat? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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