Sea Of Thieves Season 4 Arrives Thursday

4 weeks ago 12
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Sea of Thieves has a deluge (yarr harr harr!) of contented updates coming this Thursday, September 23, with the accomplishment of Season 4. Of note, determination are Siren Treasuries afloat of loot that players indispensable bash conflict for. You tin usage sunken merfolk statutes to store the loot safely and utilize merfolk to the aboveground waters to retrieve it truthful that it doesn’t get stolen! There’s a batch much arsenic well, including encrusted connection bottles that pb to caller treasures and rewards, caller commendations, and immoderate saccharine coral stuff. Check retired the trailer beneath for everything Season 4 has to offer!

With galore games embracing seasonal contented and continual updates, what’s thing you’d emotion to spot successful Sea of Thieves? 

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