Driver stretchered off Mount Panorama after crash

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Matthew MacKelden has been stretchered disconnected the way astatine Mount Panorama aft a brutal clang during Race 3 successful the Bathurst 1000 enactment categories.

MacKelden's contention was brought to an extremity connected crook 7 of the 4th thigh erstwhile helium mislaid power of his Ford Mustang earlier colliding into the obstruction connected the close broadside of the track.

He was instantly attended to by the aesculapian unit connected manus and was stretchered into an ambulance with his car near mangled.

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"That's gone around. That's facing the incorrect direction," pb commentator Greg Rust said connected Fox Sports' sum of the race.

MacKelden near the way successful an ambulance aft this clang during the Bathurst 1000 enactment races (FOX Sports)

"It's conscionable the modulation of the weight, isn't it?" co-commentator Chris Stubbs added.

"Just excessively acold to the near and onto the ripple strips which unsettles the equilibrium of the backmost of the car and sends him crossed to the different broadside of the wall."

It was an unfortunate decorativeness to the contention for MacKelden, who suffered his 2nd clang of the play to extremity his play successful dire circumstances.

Dream Racing Australia's Nathan Herne took retired the contention with a clip of 15:39.78, portion Wall Racing's Tim Brook (15:40.23) and Morris Finance Racing's Kyle Gurton (15:41.15) rounded retired the podium.

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