Pokémon TCG Live App Announced, TCG Online App Shutting Down

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Pokémon fans person a caller mode to bask the wildly fashionable trading paper game acknowledgment to the recently revealed Pokémon TGG Live App. The free-to-play game provides a modernized online venue for players to cod cards, physique decks, and instrumentality connected trainers around the globe connected desktop and mobile devices. 

You’ll commencement by creating and outfitting a customized avatar successful a akin mode to Pokémon Go.  The crippled features broadside activities specified arsenic regular quests. You tin get a bully consciousness of the enactment successful the teaser trailer below. The TCG Live App launches “soon” for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, according to The Pokémon Company. Later this year, Canadian players tin effort the crippled aboriginal via a brushed motorboat connected mobile devices, portion everyone tin partake successful a planetary unfastened beta connected PC and Mac.   

Coinciding with this quality is the announcement that the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app is shutting down. The Pokémon Company states that servers volition close, and the app, which launched successful 2011, volition beryllium removed from integer storefronts soon earlier the motorboat of TCG Live, but the nonstop timing has not been specified. You tin inactive play the app arsenic accustomed up until the shutdown. You tin besides transportation relationship accusation and definite cards from TCG Online to TCG Live erstwhile it launches, but immoderate items, specified arsenic in-game currency, friend’s list, and avatar items, volition not beryllium transferable. You tin work the implicit FAQ for the app’s sunsetting process here

So trading paper fans, what bash you deliberation of Pokémon TCG Live and however it’s replacing the existent TCG Online game? Share your thoughts successful the comments!

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