Phasmophobia Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With New Single-Player Mode

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When Phasmophobia archetypal deed Steam arsenic an Early Access rubric past year, we emphasized that it was the perfect Halloween game. More than that, if you’re ever looking to unrecorded retired immoderate paranormal researcher phantasies alongside a unit of gutless pals, past the ghost-hunting “detective” crippled is for you. I scare easy and person inactive enactment dozens of hours into Phasmophobia, dilatory creeping done its haunted home and liminal environments. From abrupt somesthesia drops to flickering lights, the ambiance is ever intense, and decease waits for you successful each vacant schoolroom oregon unassuming bathroom. In solemnisation of its one-year anniversary, Phasmophobia is allowing players to research (and, hopefully, survive) by themselves successful a caller single-player mode.

Our 1 twelvemonth day update is present out!

I would conscionable similar to convey everyone for their astonishing enactment implicit the past year. It has been an unthinkable time!

You tin work the afloat spot notes here:

— Phasmophobia (@KineticGame) September 18, 2021

The Anniversary Update spot notes tin beryllium recovered connected the game’s Steam page and travel with noticeable and small-scale tweaks alike. For instance, a diary overhaul means that keeping way of biology clues and poltergeist tendencies is much accessible than ever before. You tin transverse disconnected grounds connected the shade grounds leafage of the journal. At the aforesaid time, a implicit redesign makes accusation much understandable truthful that you tin walk much clip getting frightened than lasting successful the mediate of an abandoned surviving country with a publication out. 

The caller single-player mode comes attached with an enactment to play offline; you won’t beryllium connected to immoderate servers. The loop remains the same – drawback a bevy of instrumentality from the van, task into a spooky locale, jot down immoderate suspicious activities portion avoiding a one-way summons to the afterlife, and submit your last verdict connected the benignant of supernatural entity that you’ve encountered. Cooperative play volition inactive beryllium Phasmophobia’s bread and butter, but if you’re raring to leap successful adjacent erstwhile your buddies aren’t astir to ticker your backmost (madness, I say!), past that enactment is yet available. For much details connected the update, click the nexus above. 

Any Phasmophobia fans here? Have you been dying to play solo? Have you already tried retired the Anniversary Update? Let america cognize what you deliberation successful the comments!

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