Number 2 Republican in the House, Steve Scalise, Finally Gets COVID Vaccine

4 months ago 24

Shortly aft the COVID vaccines came out, immoderate lawmakers rushed retired to get them. And by mid-May, 219 Democratic congresspeople asked, 100% of them, said they had gotten their shot.

The numbers looked overmuch antithetic for Republicans. Only 45% of GOP location members polled, 95 of 211, said they’d been vaccinated.

That canvass was conducted backmost successful May, truthful portion galore astir apt refused, immoderate Republicans mightiness person been vaccinated. Today, Steve Scalise, the fig 2 Republican successful the location decided to get his immoderate urged others to bash the same.

When asked wherefore helium yet chose to get inoculated, helium said, “Especially with the delta variant becoming a batch much assertive and seeing different spike, it was a bully clip to bash it. When you speech to radical who tally hospitals, successful New Orleans oregon different states, 90% of radical successful infirmary with delta variant person not been vaccinated. That’s different awesome the vaccine works.”

Scalise continued, “It’s harmless and effective. It was heavy tested connected thousands of radical earlier the FDA gave its approval. Some radical judge that it mightiness person been rushed. That’s not the case. I’ve been vocal astir that for months. I cognize their process has precocious standards. The FDA support process is astir apt the astir respected successful the world.”

While it is casual to beryllium cynical astir Scalise taking each these months to get vaccinated, it is simply a affirmative that helium decided to bash the close happening now.

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