1/6 Committee Tells Mark Meadows To Show Up Or Face Possible Criminal Prosecution

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The enactment of the 1/6 Committee told erstwhile Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to amusement up for his deposition, oregon look a transgression referral.

Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson and Vice-Chair Liz Cheney said successful a statement:

Mark Meadows has informed the Select Committee that helium does not mean to cooperate further with our probe contempt his evident willingness to supply details astir the facts and circumstances surrounding the January 6th attack, including conversations with President Trump, successful the publication helium is present promoting and selling.

Even arsenic we litigate privilege issues, the Select Committee has galore questions for Mr. Meadows astir records helium has turned implicit to the Committee with nary assertion of privilege, which see real-time communications with galore individuals arsenic the events of January 6th unfolded. We besides request to perceive from him astir voluminous authoritative records stored successful his idiosyncratic telephone and email accounts, which were required to beryllium turned implicit to the National Archives successful accordance with the Presidential Records Act.

Tomorrow’s deposition, which was scheduled astatine Mr. Meadows’s request, volition spell guardant arsenic planned. If so Mr. Meadows refuses to appear, the Select Committee volition beryllium near nary prime but to beforehand contempt proceedings and urge that the assemblage successful which Mr. Meadows erstwhile served notation him for transgression prosecution.

Mark Meadows thinks that helium tin get distant with fractional measures similar turning implicit documents to the Committee without answering questions.  That’s not going to fly. Meadows could beryllium the archetypal erstwhile subordinate of Congress to beryllium deed with transgression contempt of Congress charges for refusing to testify.

Meadows has cognition of transgression enactment and if helium wants to destruct what mightiness person been near of his governmental aboriginal to support Donald Trump, the 1/6 Committee won’t halt him from lighting the lucifer and mounting his governmental vocation ablaze.

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