LIVE: Gallen's chilling promise to fight fans

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By Simon Brunsdon

Matt Bungard

7:40pm Dec 22, 2021


Paul Gallen 101.62kg vs 110.06kg Darcy Lussick (Heavyweight, 3x 2-minute rounds)

Harry Garside 60.72kg vs 60.46kg Sachin Mudaliar (Super Lightweight, 6x3-minute rounds)

Joey Leilua 113.14kg vs 99.10kg Chris Heighington (Heavyweight, 4x2m)

Freddy Lussick 90.00kg vs 88.82kg Taylan May (Cruiserweight, 4x2m)

Sam Goodman 55.04kg v 55.32kg Richie Mepranum (WBO Oriental Bantamweight title, 10x3m)

Justin Hodges 103.46kg vs 94.02kg Nathan Ross (Heavyweight, 4x2m)

Tavita Vaoga def Alex 'Godly Strong' Simon via disqualification

Ella Boot def Enja Prest by unanimous decision

Natalie Gonzalez Hills def Linn Sandstrom via unanimous decision

Malakay Moukayber ties Kate McLaren via bulk draw

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The 2 biggest fighters connected tonight's paper produced what volition astir apt beryllium the astir bizarre bout.

Former Australia strongman champion Alex 'Godly Strong' Simon - who weighed successful astatine 136.7kg - was disqualified successful the 2nd of their 4 rounds.

The referee took objection to Simon throwing Tavita Vaoga (110kg) to the canvas portion they clinched.

The referee had antecedently warned Simon not to propulsion his opponent.

"He was trying to amusement his strength, but successful the incorrect areas," boxing fable Jeff Fenech said successful commentary.

There was besides disorder implicit the magnitude of the round. It had been billed arsenic 4 three-minute rounds, but the doorbell sounded aft 2 minutes successful the archetypal round.

Ella Boot bushed Enja Prest by unanimous decision.

A frantic combat implicit 4 rounds, some fighters gave it their all.

Paul Gallen says he's acceptable to spell and has promised to extremity Darcy Lussick wrong 2 rounds of their main lawsuit combat astatine The Star.

Gallen was disappointed erstwhile Josh Aloiai withdrew from their scheduled bout, until Lussick enactment his manus up to get successful the ring.

"I consciousness good. Obviously a small spot nervous, that fearfulness of failure. There's anticipation successful what I'm doing tonight," Gallen told 9News from the venue.

"But I'm acceptable to go. I consciousness confident, I consciousness strong. I'm acceptable to get the triumph tonight.

"No accidental of an upset. I bring it backmost to what I've done to hole for this fight, I've prepared truly well, I've been grooming for a agelong clip now.

"I deliberation (it volition finish) successful the archetypal 2 rounds, without a doubt. Round 1, Round 2, it volition beryllium over."

It was a brutal bout betwixt Linn Sandstrom and Natalie Gonzalez Hills, belting each different nonstop for six two-minute rounds.

It was besides a rematch, the brace having drawn previously.

It was Gonzalez Hills who won by unanimous decision.

The archetypal combat of the nighttime ended successful a bulk draw.

Former UK exemplary Kate McLaren went toed to toed with the much experienced Malakay Moukayber successful what was the former's nonrecreational debut.

The judges could not beryllium divided and decided the brace divided the 4 rounds evenly.

It's combat night, and promoter George Rose isn't playing astir - offering a immense bonus to whomever brings the biggest fireworks.

"People emotion to ticker Paul Gallen combat - whether they emotion him arsenic an athlete, oregon due to the fact that they privation to spot him getting knocked the hellhole out," Rose said.

But whether it's Gallen, his hostile Darcy Lussick, oregon idiosyncratic further down the card, someone's walking distant with a abdominous bonus.

"I don't privation to spot who tin triumph connected points connected this card, I privation to spot who tin get the knockout," Rose said.

"So connected Wednesday nighttime I'm going to beryllium putting up $20,000 to the victor of the knockout of the night. The currency is there, it's acceptable to spell for whoever wants it.

"Just get retired determination and plaything boys."

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