LIVE: Carey's first error as Aussies miss chance

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England volition erstwhile again crook to all-rounder Ben Stokes to resistance them retired of a horrible Ashes mess.

It was successful the 3rd Test of the 2019 bid astatine Headingly erstwhile Stokes pulled disconnected a sporting miracle, blasting 135 to clinch a stunning triumph for England and interruption Australian hearts.

All anticipation seemed mislaid erstwhile the then-hosts went to stumps connected Day 4 connected 3-156, needing a further 203 runs to win. They past fell to 9-286 earlier Stokes and last-man-in Jack Leach built a singular and improbable partnership, Stokes hitting a bound disconnected Pat Cummins to assistance England to 9-362 and surpass the Aussies.

In 2019, Stokes went to stumps connected Day 4 connected 2 runs disconnected 50 deliveries. He resumes batting contiguous astatine Adelaide Oval connected 3 disconnected 40. England are 4-82 and request 386 to win.

A triumph is astir unimaginable. A gully successful Adelaide would beryllium conscionable arsenic impressive, but to execute that Stokes - and his remaining teammates - volition request to past 3 afloat sessions against a fired-up Aussie onslaught with a pinkish shot - of which they tin get a caller 1 successful 36 overs' time.

It volition beryllium absorbing present to spot whether Stokes comes retired each guns blazing and does effort to propulsion disconnected different occurrence win, oregon whether he's blessed to parkland the autobus and proceed the stone-wall attack successful an effort to salvage a draw.

Of the 152 five-Test bid that person been played successful cricket, lone erstwhile has a squad recovered from being 2-0 down to triumph the remaining 3 matches, and instrumentality the series.

If the visitors suffer successful Adelaide, they volition request to go the archetypal since Don Bradman saved Australia successful the 1936-37 Ashes bid to triumph from 2-0 down.

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