John Lennon stamps inspiring message of peace, on UN’s big week

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This year’s International Day of Peace has been marked by the merchandise of caller stamps featuring euphony icon and bid campaigner, John Lennon, by the UN Postal Administration (UNPA), arsenic the UN General Assembly High Level Week gets underway.

It’s a reminder that arsenic K-pop sensation BTS take UNGA76 by storm with their connection of anticipation and youthful idealism for a amended world, it’s a origin that galore of their philharmonic forebears person championed successful the past.

Observed globally each twelvemonth connected 21 September, the Day is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, some wrong and among, each nations and peoples.

‘Imagine’ astatine 50

The souvenir contented includes the lyrics of John Lennon’s classical anthem to satellite peace, “Imagine”, unneurotic with his signature, and 3 antithetic photograph portraits of the erstwhile Beatle from the aboriginal stages of his life.

This twelvemonth besides marks the 50th Anniversary of the signaling of “Imagine”, which is considered the astir palmy azygous of Lennon’s solo career.

The opus has been performed astatine immoderate of the world’s biggest events, including concerts for peace, hunger, New Year celebrations, and the Olympic Games - ever a hopeful connection during troubling times.

Its lyrics promote america to enactment speech each differences and unify to ideate a satellite of peace, without greed, hunger, oregon barriers separating radical and nations, UNPA noted.

‘Live arsenic one’

The International Day of Peace was created successful 1981 to underscore that each radical person the close to unrecorded successful peace.

People are being encouraged to champion honour the occasion, said UNPA, by “standing up against acts of hate, and by spreading compassion, kindness, and anticipation truthful the satellite tin “live arsenic one”, conscionable arsenic Lennon’s iconic opus imagined.

The stamps and souvenir sheets diagnostic photographs by Bob Gruen, Iain Macmillan and David Nutter and the stamps were illustrated by Martin Mörck based connected the photographs.

The stamp contented was designed by the UN’s Rorie Katz. A surcharge has been added to the stamps to assistance money UN peacekeeping operations worldwide.

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