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George Kambosos Jr's unthinkable win implicit Teofimo Lopez is already being talked astir arsenic 1 of the champion bouts successful caller past - but however astir of each time?

The prime of the combat was capable for boxing commetator and trainer Teddy Atlas to comparison it to the Rumble successful the Jungle - with Kambosos playing the relation of Muhammad Ali, and Lopez serving arsenic George Foreman.

"I'm not brainsick - determination was similarities," Atlas said connected his podcast, with Kambosos arsenic his guest.

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"Ali was going into a combat arsenic the underdog with a large puncher, intimidating guy, and a feline that helium wasn't expected to person a accidental with," Atlas said to Kambosos.

"You were going into the ringing with a large puncher, an explosive guy, an undefeated guy, and a feline you were expected to person nary accidental [against]."

Atlas said that similar Ali successful Zaire, from the outset, Kambosos fought similar a antheral who wasn't scared, and wasn't leaving the ringing without the loop - which was cardinal to his success.

George Kambosos Jr successful his triumph implicit Teofimo Lopez. (Getty)

After his triumph implicit Lopez, Kambosos referenced the proposal that legendary boxing trainer Cus D'Amato gave Ali earlier that Foreman combat - successful presumption of coming forward, and showing nary fear.

"I truly did permission nary chromatic unturned - I checked each box," Kambosos said.

"100 per cent, Muhammad Ali had nary chance, nary 1 gave him a accidental against George Foreman."

The proposal from D'Amato - to deed Foreman with the champion close you've ever delivered - led others to deliberation helium was crazy.

"No 1 throws a close hand, successful the title fight, successful the archetypal circular similar that, with atrocious intentions. And that stuck successful my mind," Kambosos said.

Kambosos Jr becomes unified champ

"I knew this kid psychologically, precise emotionally [he] was excessively overmuch successful this fight. I said it each week I'm not taking this personal, determination is nary emotion attached to me, I'm present to bash a job."

With 15 seconds near successful the archetypal round, Kambosos saw his model to marque an impact.

"He came flying, guns blazing, trying to onshore the large shot. I saw it, I saw that mistake.

"He came successful dense connected that beforehand foot, the chin was there. I said 'here's my moment, here's my Cus D'Amato moment'. I'm gonna onshore my close hand, I'm gonna summation my respect, I'm gonna gain my respect - and if helium goes down, helium goes down."

Kambosos said helium wasn't taking things personally, but 1 happening stuck with him successful the lead-up; and that was the cognition from the Lopez campy that the combat could perchance beryllium implicit successful the archetypal round.

"I had to accidental it. I looked astatine him, and it's a beauteous moment. I said 'hey, 1 round, I'm inactive here, and I enactment you down.' And that's erstwhile the combat truly began," helium said.

"I conscionable saw his psyche get taken retired of him."

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