Blizzard Employee Publicly Says She Was Demoted After Filing HR Complaint About Sexual Harassment

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A existent worker of Activision Blizzard spoke publically during a property league contiguous astir the alleged “frat lad civilization detrimental to women” she’s experienced astatine the company, arsenic good arsenic intersexual harassment, retaliation that included demotion, and more. 

First reported by Polygon, the worker successful question, named Christine, spoke publically during a property conference held extracurricular of Blizzard Irvine’s headquarters. Christine was represented by famed lawyer Lisa Bloom, who has represented women successful intersexual harassment and intersexual battle cases against defendants specified arsenic Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby. As noted by Polygon, though, Bloom besides served arsenic an advisor to Harvey Weinstein during his intersexual battle case. 

Christine has been astatine Blizzard for 4 years and portion there, she said she's experienced unwanted intersexual advances, inappropriate touching, and more. 

During the conference, which was livestreamed connected Instagram, Christine work from a prepared statement. Here’s what she said, successful full: 

“My sanction is Christine. I person worked astatine Blizzard Entertainment, a part of Activision for implicit 4 years. I inactive enactment here. I didn’t privation to person to beryllium up present doing this, but we request to marque large changes astatine Activision Blizzard. Working astatine Blizzard was my imagination job. When I archetypal heard astir each the talented radical moving astatine Blizzard, I knew that was determination I wanted to enactment and determination I could excel astatine my career. I was truthful excited to beryllium a portion of a assemblage that seemed to attraction truthful overmuch astir their employees. Unfortunately, that didn't hap for me. Since I’ve been employed astatine Blizzard, I’ve been subjected to rude comments astir my body, unwanted intersexual advances, inappropriately touched, subjected to alcohol-infused squad events and cube crawls, invited to person casual enactment with my supervisors, and surrounded by a frat lad civilization that’s detrimental to women. 

When I complained to my supervisors, I was told they were conscionable joking and that I should get implicit it. I began to region myself from enactment events to debar each the intersexual comments and groping. I was told not to spell to HR. I was told that the harassing men were conscionable trying to beryllium friends with me. I was told they did thing incorrect by law. After I complained of the intersexual harassment, I was demoted. I was past further harassed and retaliated against. I’ve been denied my afloat nett sharing, denied shares astatine the company, and person had minimal raises successful the 4 years I’ve been employed astatine Blizzard.

Fighting to support my occupation successful this toxic workplace civilization has taken a terrible toll connected my intelligence health. I’m up present contiguous due to the fact that I privation to combat for a harmless enactment situation for employees. Blizzard has immoderate astonishing radical that enactment for them, but we request to consciousness harmless and supported by radical successful enactment roles, and clasp radical accountable for their actions. Thank you to everyone present contiguous and to everyone warring for a amended Blizzard.” 

Bloom outlined demands that she and Christine privation Blizzard to conscionable during the property league arsenic well. They are listed below, successful full: 

  1. “We request a streamlined, fast, just process for victims to resoluteness their ineligible claims with an expanded unfortunate compensation fund. Don't marque radical similar Christine record a suit and combat for years against the large la la firms this institution has hired to support it. Set up a money successful excess of $100 million. Let unfortunate advocates enactment successful mounting the rules and fto victims marque cases to sympathetic claims administrators who person a past of caring astir victims. Let’s get this done now.”

  2. “We request a existent apology to Christine and the galore different victims who person to unrecorded with the fallout from being sexually harassed, ignored, demeaned, and retaliated against each day.”

  3. “We request a reappraisal by a neutral 3rd enactment – not a large instrumentality defence steadfast – of the vocation harm employees similar Christine person endured, and past hole it. Give her the occupation she’s entitled to. Don’t clasp her intersexual harassment reporting against her. She should beryllium praised for wanting to marque the institution better.”

Activision Blizzard gave Polygon the pursuing connection erstwhile asked astir today's property conference: 

We admit the courageousness of our existent and erstwhile employees successful coming guardant with reports of misconduct, and we are genuinely atrocious for immoderate victims of radical whose behaviour did not unrecorded up to our values. As we person continued to reaffirm successful our caller communications, specified behaviour is not accordant with our standards, our expectations, and what the immense bulk of our employees conscionable connected a regular basis. There is nary spot successful our institution oregon industry, oregon immoderate industry, for intersexual misconduct, harassment oregon retaliation of immoderate kind. We volition not tolerate immoderate behaviour that is not aligned to our values and volition clasp employees accountable who neglect to unrecorded up to them. 

The institution is committed to creating an situation we tin each beryllium arrogant of. We are successful the process of implementing important changes and improvements to the scope, operation and ratio of our compliance and quality resources teams, reporting systems, and transparency into our probe process. The information and enactment of our employees, particularly those who person suffered, remains our apical priority.

Christine’s property league comes aft months of turmoil astatine Activision Blizzard that includes aggregate lawsuits and more. Catch up connected each of Game Informer’s reporting of this ongoing Activision Blizzard story here

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