Head of security at Haiti's presidential residence in police custody

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN)The caput of information astatine Haiti's statesmanlike residence has been placed successful constabulary custody, according to a adjacent associate, arsenic authorities proceed to analyse the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

Dimitri Herard, who is the caput of the General Security Unit of the National Palace, had been questioned astatine the Inspector General's bureau connected Wednesday, past transferred to a constabulary presumption successful Port-au-Prince, according to subordinate Carl Martin, who said helium is coordinating Herard's ineligible defence team.

When Herard asked the constabulary wherefore helium was being held for the night, helium was told the determination "came from above," said Martin, who spoke with Herard connected Wednesday evening. He added that constabulary person taken distant Herard's guns and compartment phone, and that they had spoken done different constabulary officer's phone.

    The Haitian National Police person not responded to CNN's petition for comment.

      Security forces astatine  the Haitian statesmanlike  residence successful  Port-au-Prince connected  July 7, investigating the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

      Earlier connected Wednesday, Herard did not look for a tribunal enquiry ordered by the Port-au-Prince nationalist prosecutor, citing a mandatory quality astatine the Inspector General's office.

      "I person the grant to pass you, pursuing the invitation sent to maine by the nationalist prosecutor's bureau of Port au-Prince. I americium presently nether a precautionary measurement ordered by the General Inspectorate of the Haitian Police. As a result, I americium not disposable to comply with the petition of the nationalist prosecutor," helium said successful a missive to the nationalist authoritative that CNN has seen.

      "While I americium consenting to respond erstwhile this protective measurement expires, I respectfully petition a enactment of execution from your bureau for this intent arsenic whitethorn beryllium required," helium added.

      Martin told CNN that Moise had a ample information detail, and that Herard's portion contained a fig of officers, but "he's the lone idiosyncratic that's being held successful that fashion." The concatenation of bid "does not halt astatine Dimitri," helium added.

      Herard hopes for "a just accidental astatine a just investigation" present that planetary agencies including Interpol and the FBI are involved, Martin said, adding, "His occupation is political. He has a batch of governmental opponents."

      Martin said the constabulary had initially placed Herard successful 'isolation" for a precise abbreviated period, for information reasons.

      Retired worker  claims 26 Colombians accused successful  Haiti assassination were really  hired to support   the President

      Moise was killed past Wednesday during an onslaught connected his backstage residence, throwing the state into governmental chaos with aggregate figures vying to pb the country. The archetypal woman was besides injured successful the attack, and taken to a Miami infirmary for treatment.

      On Wednesday, a connection connected the archetypal lady's verified Twitter relationship thanked the "guardian angels who helped maine done this unspeakable time," accompanied by a representation that appeared to amusement her successful a infirmary bed. CNN has not been capable to independently corroborate the authenticity of the post.

      Authorities accidental the cognition progressive astatine slightest 26 Colombians, immoderate erstwhile members of the Colombian military, hired done a Florida-based information company.

      Herard, the caput of information astatine the statesmanlike residence, traveled to Ecuador done Bogota, the superior of Colombia, astatine the extremity of May, according to the Colombian National Police. The unit said July 12 that it is investigating whether Herard, portion successful Colombia, met with immoderate of the Colombian nationals allegedly progressive successful the assassination.

      But respective people, including relatives of Colombian suspects, told CNN the accusations against the men bash not adhd up.

      Matias Gutierrez, a retired peculiar forces worker successful Colombia told CNN connected Tuesday that the 26 Colombian suspects were really hired to supply the President security, and that helium himself had been approached for the occupation by the Florida company.

      "They lone mentioned a institution based successful the US, and a occupation arsenic backstage information successful Haiti. Security for the President of Haiti, who was believed to beryllium nether decease threat," Gutierrez said.

      "It was each a plot," helium added. "How tin you person this benignant of assassination and not person a azygous dormant but the President himself? If my fellows had done the job, they would person had to participate the residence and termination the guards earlier sidesplitting the President. You would person seen a combat scene."

      CNN has tried repeatedly to interaction the Florida company, CTU Security, since Saturday. Colombian constabulary accidental they are moving with Interpol to supply accusation connected its owner, a Venezuelan man.

      What the American accused of plotting to termination  Haiti's President told police

      Three US citizens person besides been allegedly linked to the attack. James Solages and Joseph Vincent, some naturalized US citizens primitively from Haiti, were detained past week. While, connected Sunday, constabulary detained Christian Emmanuel Sanon, besides believed to beryllium a naturalized US citizen, who is accused of orchestrating a analyzable multinational deed occupation successful bid to recognize his ain governmental ambitions.

      Sanon has repeatedly emphasized that "he doesn't cognize thing astatine all," according to a root adjacent to the probe who cannot beryllium named due to the fact that they are not authorized to sermon the affair. Police person not announced immoderate ceremonial charges against Sanon, and it is not yet wide if Sanon has retained ineligible practice to code the charges. CNN was not capable to scope him for comment.

        Several of the suspects held by authorities besides worked arsenic US instrumentality enforcement informants, with ties to the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration, according to radical briefed connected the matter. In total, astatine slightest 39 radical person been implicated successful the assassination truthful far.

        The US has sent elder FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents to assistance successful the investigation, and the authorities is inactive evaluating requests for assistance from the Haitian government, said State Department spokesperson Ned Price connected Tuesday.

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