Former Fox News Politics Editor Says Republicans Will Lose Again If They Stick To 2020 Delusions

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Former Fox News authorities exertion Chris Stirewalt said that if Republicans cling to their delusions astir the 2020 election, they volition suffer again.


Former Fox News Politics exertion Chris Stirewalt told @Acosta that if Republicans don't get implicit their 2020 predetermination delusion, they volition suffer again.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 17, 2021

Chris Stirewalt told CNN’s Jim Acosta:

But the information is that this is a unsafe delusion for Republicans. They are sucking up to their base to effort to springiness them the things that they want. So, successful Texas, currently, they have a portion of authorities that wouldn’t bash anything. Turnout doesn’t person a partisan opinion. High-turnout elections tin favor Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are moving connected this legislation, doing these audits, doing this different stuff. Why? Because they privation to suck up to their basal and folks successful their base, who deliberation the predetermination was stolen. That doesn’t assistance Republicans with the voters, who they need. 

The Pew Research Center’s recent, broad enactment on what happened successful the 2020 election, however did Republicans lose the election? They got crushed successful the suburbs. Joe Biden’s numbers successful the suburbs went up by 11 points over Hillary Clinton. It was a large defeat. How does a enactment that is struggling with embracing vaccines. How does a enactment that is struggling with however to speech to these precise voters, talking about this worldly is toxic. This is simply a poison and it reinforces the mode the Republican Party mislaid the Senate was by this — these shenanigans, this foolishness in Georgia. Two Senate seats. They mislaid ’em. They merit to suffer ’em. If they can’t get implicit this and get done it, they’ll lose, again. 

Trump Is Leading Republicans Down The Path Of Failure

By soothing Donald Trump’s ego with the large lie, Republicans are mounting themselves up for aboriginal defeats successful 2022 and 2024. The Republican Party isn’t moving to get backmost the voters that they mislaid successful 2020.

They are spending each time reminding those voters of wherefore they did the close happening erstwhile they voted for Joe Biden.

The Republican Party is mounting itself up for a monolithic nonaccomplishment due to the fact that they are inactive trying to triumph 2020 erstwhile Democrats are focused connected winning 2022 and 2024.

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