Food pantry helps provide fresh groceries

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Inner-city Muslim Action Network successful Englewood is moving to enactment nutritious meals connected tables.

"The nutrient insecurity here, is astir 1 successful two. And if you see children it's adjacent much than that," said Ahmad Jitan, IMAN assemblage organizer.

According to The Greater Chicago Food Depository a slightest fractional of Englewood's colonisation doesn't person reliable entree to capable affordable, nutritious food.

"The crushed I'm here, for to assistance maine out, is due to the fact that I can't get nutrient stamps. I worked each my life, inactive can't get em'," said Annie McMurtry.

But that's wherever the IMAN, successful concern with GCFD, comes successful with a ngo to reconstruct nutrient availability and dignity with the lawsuit prime model.

"And we effort to springiness the members the acquisition of coming into the market store. They really get to take the items they want," said Jamil Wright, manager, IMAN Food and Wellness Center.

The IMAN's community-driven ngo aims to spell beyond gathering an contiguous need.

"If there's an urgent need, we tin conscionable that request arsenic we're besides reasoning astir however bash we code the systemic issues that make the request for nutrient pantry successful the archetypal place," said Jitan.

The bulk of the radical who unrecorded successful Englewood are Black, and experts accidental systemic racism is simply a driving unit down the neighborhood's deficiency of resources. But, program's similar this 1 are actionable steps successful the close direction.

"It's 1 happening to attraction astir someone. It's a full 'nother level of being capable to really bash thing astir it," said Wright.

It's an illustration that doesn't spell unnoticed.

"I'm truthful thankful for this pantry, I'm truthful blessed that I ran crossed them," said Sunshine Tallie.

The IMAN hosts nutrient distributions every, Tuesday done Thursday and Saturday astatine 63rd and Racine.

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