Family fights for beloved mailman death benefits

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HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- Anthony Puccio Jr. whitethorn not beryllium a sanction you know, but to residents astatine the Wagner Houses successful Harlem, he's revered.

For the past six decades, Puccio's been a friend, confidant, and missive bearer to astir 1,000 residents.

"He was much than our mailman to us," nonmigratory Julia Evans said. "He was our family."

He died past January, but the tear-stained tenants are not blessed with however the authorities has treated his household aft his death. So they turned to 7 On Your Side.

"He was family," nonmigratory Elizabeth Patrick said. "I emotion him."

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Love, dedicated and caring are the 3 words residents of the Wagner Houses usage astir to picture their beloved mailman. For 62 years, helium delivered the message and truthful overmuch more.

"I cognize radical that helium has fed, that helium helped them wage their rent," nonmigratory Tiffani Johnson said.

Five years ago, the legendary missive bearer was profiled by his union.

"You privation respect, you springiness respect," helium said connected the video. "Am I right, my man?"

He retired past January, but 2 weeks later, helium was being laid to rest.

"It truly wrenches astatine my heart," Antonio Puccio III said.

But his son's anguish rapidly turned to anger.

"They're horrible," helium said. "I person to accidental it. They don't cognize my father. They don't care. He's conscionable a number."

He says the U.S. Office of Personnel Management inactive hasn't paid retired benefits to the family-- a sizeable annuity earned from six decades of enactment and 4,200 hours of unused sick wage -- astir a twelvemonth aft Puccio's death.

"That's equivalent of not taking a time disconnected successful 40 years," helium said.

The OPM claimed to person mislaid the paperwork 2 times, and calling hasn't yielded productive results.

"You're either connected clasp for an hour, I would get done aft an hr and speech to idiosyncratic and past get disconnected," Puccio III said.

Adding insult to injury, it each came aft the U.S. Postal Service re-named its Letter Carrier Academy successful Puccio's name.

"I mean, this is however you dainty him?" Puccio III said. "It's not right."

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The household and each Tony's fans asked america to plead for the merchandise of his hard earned money, and wrong weeks, the bureau apologized and yet delivered.

"The wealth that was owed to maine was posted connected my dad's birthday," Puccio III said.

It was a fitting tribute for the mailman called "The Goat" by his customers.


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