Wright's golden chance on world's scariest wave

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Let's acceptable the scene. The water is dormant calm connected the surface. Several twelve boats afloat of spectators, squad members, enactment unit and photographers beryllium successful a heavy transmission of h2o astatine the bottommost of a cleanable reef pass.

Two surfers beryllium connected the shallow reef, waiting. Then it happens. Out of heavy h2o connected the skyline they come. Huge walls of h2o attack the reef and the 2 surfers scramble to get successful position. These waves are the tallness of a two-story gathering and dependable similar thunder from a lightning strike, truthful adjacent there's nary clip betwixt flash and bang.

I warrant if you are 1 of said onlookers astatine the bottommost of the reef, your bosom is successful your mouth. You've astir surely ne'er seen thing similar this before.

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Tokyo Olympic bronze medallist Owen Wright is 1 of the surfers, Gabrielle Medina the other. Welcome to the venue for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The question known arsenic Teahupoo, meaning 'end of the road' successful Tahitian.

Owen Wright of Australia celebrates winning his men's Bronze Medal lucifer against Gabriel Medina of Brazil. (AP)

The infinitesimal antecedently described was the 2019 Billabong Pro Tahiti. Wright beats Medina, conscionable similar successful Japan, but it's for a trophy not the medal.

Supporters of The Irukandjis Australian Surfing Team heading towards the 2024 Paris Olympic Games volition emotion this one. "Big O" hasn't finished worse than the 4th finals successful his past 7 starts astatine Teahupoo and intends connected bettering that moving towards surfing's 2nd Olympic Games.

"I'm decidedly assured successful my quality astatine Teahupoo. I person a truly coagulated grounds successful immoderate conditions retired determination truthful I'm going to backmost myself against anyhow nary substance however large oregon tiny the waves are connected the day," Wright said successful an exclusive interview.

Owen Wright of Australia celebrates winning his men's Bronze Medal lucifer against Gabriel Medina of Brazil. (Getty)

Japan was great, Japan was exciting, but for the mean spectator this adjacent Games has the imaginable to stroke surfing up to ne'er seen earlier levels if Tahiti's 'Teahupoo' delivers an earth-shaking agelong play swell lawsuit similar we've seen successful the past.

"The question tin beryllium intimidating if you don't person the close mindset," Wright said.

"It's each astir assurance successful your ain quality and backing yourself erstwhile the close question comes. Having won an lawsuit determination successful the past, I'm looking for 1 happening lone if I tin suffice for Paris 2024, and that's a golden medal."

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