Batter continues as clear wicket is overlooked

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Commentators and viewers were near astounded aft a broadcast replay successful the Women's National Cricket League showed a wide wicket spell begging.

During today's WNCL lucifer betwixt the Queensland Fire and the Tasmanian Tigers successful Hobart, Fire batter Georgia Voll peculiarly survived a straightforward dismissal aft her wicket went unnoticed by the umpire and opposing team.

With Voll connected strike, Tigers bowler Belinda Vakarewa delivered a shot which, upon reshowing, intelligibly clipped the apical of disconnected stump and dislodged the bails.

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Georgia Voll of the Queensland occurrence is unnoticeable bowled by the opposing team. (Supplied)

With nary awesome fixed by the umpire oregon protests from the Tigers players, including wicketkeeper Rachel Priest, the crippled continued contempt Voll intelligibly being bowled. Priest adjacent picked up the dislodged bail and enactment it backmost connected the stumps.

The commentary squad was perplexed astatine however the wicket went undetected.

"Has she bowled her?" Julia Price said arsenic the replay of the shot played.

"That is perfectly out.

"I archer you what, I anticipation they're staying astatine the casino - I'd beryllium going to the casino aft that."

Voll was aboriginal dismissed connected 31 runs.

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