‘It’s devastating,’ the school district superintendent says.

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Students and unit   members were evacuated to a adjacent    Meijer market  store, the schoolhouse  territory  said.
Credit...Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press, via USA Today

Nov. 30, 2021Updated 6:44 p.m. ET

Students and unit members astatine Oxford High School did everything close arsenic the schoolhouse shooting unfolded connected Tuesday, the undersheriff of Oakland County said.

“Everybody remained successful place,” the undersheriff, Michael McCabe, said astatine an day conference. “They barricaded themselves.”

Footage from section tv quality sum showed a dense constabulary presence, including sheriff’s deputies and Michigan authorities troopers, extracurricular the school, which is astir 40 miles northbound of Detroit.

Sheriff’s deputies carrying agelong guns patrolled the schoolhouse grounds and exigency aesculapian workers arrived successful 2 helicopters. Emergency aesculapian workers brought a stretcher into the gathering arsenic astatine slightest a half-dozen ambulances waited successful the parking lot.

Students and unit members were “systematically being evacuated” to a adjacent Meijer market store, wherever they could beryllium picked up, the schoolhouse territory said. St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital said it was treating 1 of the 8 injured victims.

“It’s devastating,” Tim Throne, the Oxford Community Schools superintendent, said aft the shooting.

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