10 perfect 2021 holiday gifts for iPhone owners

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Still buying for an iPhone proprietor this vacation season? These accessory gadgets and gizmos tin widen its functionality successful ways they whitethorn person ne'er realized they needed.

I whitethorn beryllium a spot biased since I've been utilizing 1 for years, but iPhones are large small devices consecutive retired of the box. That doesn't mean they don't deficiency a fewer features oregon person shortcomings, however.

Luckily, Apple and the third-party accessory ecosystem surrounding it manufacture a countless fig of solutions for those shortcomings, and conveniently for this clip of year, they besides marque large gifts. These 10 are standout picks and volition look large sticking retired of a stocking oregon wrapped nether a tree.



Image: Apple

When it comes to Apple, it's a information that they plan their products to seamlessly integrate, which means Apple hardware volition ever beryllium the champion enactment for iPhone users. In the lawsuit of headphones, the champion you tin get for the iPhone are AirPods. There are respective options to prime from, truthful beryllium definite to analyse the antithetic models to spot which fits your acquisition recipient's lifestyle. 


MagSafe Duo Charger


Image: Apple

MagSafe is Apple's magnet-assisted wireless charging strategy that snaps wireless chargers and different accessories successful spot connected the backmost of iPhones. This dual-device charger from Apple charges some an iPhone (series 12 and newer) and an Apple Watch astatine the aforesaid time. It besides folds successful fractional for casual transportation, making it a large companion for iPhone and Apple Watch owners. Note that, portion it tin technically complaint older models of iPhone, it isn't designed for them and doesn't enactment well. This charger besides requires a powerfulness ceramic that outputs astatine slightest 20W, truthful beryllium definite to see 1 with the charger if you determine to springiness it arsenic a gift. 

$129 astatine Apple

ROKFORM rugged iPhone case



This enactment of rugged lawsuit for the iPhone adds driblet protection, supports MagSafe, and adjacent includes a secondary magnet to assistance it instrumentality to immoderate magnetic aboveground portion you're successful the field. It besides has a specialized proprietary mounting constituent connected the backmost for different ROKFORM accessories and mounts designed for biking, driving, and assorted outdoor activities. 


AirFly Pro


Image: Amazon

This nifty small instrumentality connects to thing with a headphone jack and enables it to some broadcast and person Bluetooth signals. That means you won't beryllium connecting it to your iPhone, but you tin usage it to crook immoderate talker oregon car that doesn't enactment Bluetooth into a instrumentality that volition play euphony and work retired GPS directions from your iPhone. It's 16-hour artillery beingness and USB-C charging marque it an adjacent amended accessory to the modern mobile tech kit. 

$46 astatine Amazon

Spigen Glas.tR EZ Fit iPhone surface protector


Image: Amazon

This tempered-glass surface protector distinguishes itself from the contention due to the fact that of the installation kit that comes with it. It has an alignment tray that snaps into spot implicit the surface to guarantee a due acceptable and position, which is 1 of the toughest parts of attaching a surface protector.

$16 astatine Amazon

RØDE VideoMic Me-L


Image: Apple

If your iPhone owning giftee does a batch of dependable signaling connected their phone, beryllium it for interviews, dependable clips oregon immoderate it could be, they request a directional microphone similar this one. It attaches via the iPhone's lightning larboard and adjacent comes with a windshield for getting bully dependable connected blustery days.

$79 astatine Apple

Incase Nylon Accessory Organizer


Image: Apple

I question with my iPhone and a fewer different gadgets, and a lawsuit similar this is precisely what I and different iPhone owners similar maine need. It's a cleanable mode to signifier charging cables, spare batteries, and different indispensable iPhone accessories. Anyone without a lawsuit similar this 1 volition beryllium thrilled to get it.

$49 astatine Apple

Moment iPhone lenses


Image: Moment, Inc.

iPhones person progressively astonishing cameras, but they don't stack up to optics custom-built for uses similar macro, micro, and telephoto. A kit from Moment makes the iPhone into a amended camera than it ever could beryllium alone, but determination are a batch of bits and pieces indispensable to usage it. That's wherefore I've linked to Moment's kits for the iPhone — they're afloat packages that incorporate what's needed to get started. Just beryllium definite you prime the close exemplary for your acquisition recipient.


Belkin MagSafe car vent mount


Image: Apple

This MagSafe charger attaches to a vehicle's aerial vent, putting a driver's iPhone successful the cleanable presumption to beryllium utilized safely. It's a fantastic acquisition thought for anyone who is frequently on the roadworthy with their iPhone.

$40 astatine Apple

Otterbox mobile gaming clip


Image: Otterbox

iPhones are large concern devices, but that's not each they're for: They're besides large gaming devices. Games for the iPhone aside, unreality gaming platforms marque the iPhone an ever-increasing mobile gaming choice, but connecting a telephone to a controller tin beryllium tricky without the close device, similar this 1 from Otterbox. There's besides a MagSafe mentation available, truthful if your giftee has an iPhone 12 oregon newer spell for that 1 instead. 

$30 astatine Otterbox

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